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Scorpio rental in Nepal is one of the most favorable Scorpio hire and rental agencies in over Nepal. Lekbesi provides a broad range of Scorpio Jeep and hire for private and business tours in Nepal. Renting and Hiring Scorpio Jeep from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Biratnagar and other cities through a competent and expert driver makes your tour or trip a safe and convenient one. Lekbesi  have 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive Scorpio Jeep for rough road and muddy roads also accessible for you for Scorpio on rent with driver all over Nepal. You can hire and rent any type of Mahindra Scorpio Jeep to make your tour enjoyable. Most of all Mahindra Scorpio Jeeps are new and in good status. 

If you are willing to hire or rent a Scorpio for trip, weeding and gathering, side visit for a program we Lekbesi offer most favorable service for your needs and Scorpio on rent with driver all over Nepal. Here we stand with comfort Scorpio Jeeps, at present day the jeep has transformed the first priority of journey. Due to the road condition vehicle choices also have an impact so much. So considering all the truths we are here with 4WD (Four wheeler). 4WD jeeps vehicle can in take all kinds of roads. We are an organization that is offering jeep hiring service to prosper tour and heart of our clients. We are every time here to help you, the renowned jeep hiring organization. 

There is no place where we cannot travel. The competent and expert driver makes your tour safer and convenient one. Our company’s drivers are good in speaking and essential support. The Mahindra Scorpio Jeep is one of the most preferred costumes in Nepal. The 4WD Scorpio cost begins around Rs. 48.85 lakhs in Nepal. But, the base model of Mahindra Scorpio pickup would be Rs. 35.95 lakhs. These jeeps are significantly popular for long-distance journeys and tourism. Their high-powered engine, all-terrain ability and different outlook are what make them stand out from other vehicles present in the corresponding segment.

Information for Scorpio on rent with drivers all over Nepal


Scorpio Jeep Hire Service Price (Npr) Duration Capacity
Kalinchok Scorpio Jeep Hire Tour Rs.  1 Night 2 Days 8 Pax
Halesi Mahadev Scorpio Jeep Hire Tour Rs.  1 Night 2 Days 8 Pax
Muktinath Temple Tour from Kathmandu by Scorpio Hire Rs. 3 nights 4 days 7 Pax
Kathmandu – Pathivara Temple Tour by Scorpio Jeep Hire Rs. 4 Nights / 5 Days 7 Pax
Syabrubesi Drop off (transfer) or Pick up by Scorpio Jeep Hire Rs.  1 Days 7 Pax
Kathmandu Valley Tour by Scorpio Jeep Hire Rs.  8 Hours 7 Pax
Kathmandu – Chitlang Scorpio Hire Tour Rs.  1 night 2 days 7 Pax
Kathmandu – Kulekhani Scorpio Hire Tour Rs.  1 night 2 days 7 Pax
Kathmandu – Sukute Beach by Scorpio Hire Tour Rs. 1 night 2 days 7 Pax


Specifications and Features of Scorpio Jeep 

Few of the general specification or features of Mahindra Scorpio jeep and pickup (2.2 Ltr) accessible in Nepal are provided below. 

Mahindra Scorpio Specifications or Features
Engine Diesel
Displacement 2179cc
Mileage 13-15 kmpl
Ground Clearance 180mm


Reasons Why Mahindra Scorpio is Best of Tours and Journeys and Other Information for Purchasers and Travelers

Having first been introduced in the early 2000s as Mahindra’s first worldwide product, every successive model of the SUV has carried on establishing its admiration with the Nepalese people. Even at present time, at the time new Mahindra Scorpio-N is launched in showrooms, the carmaker carries on to sell the frequent Scorpio or ‘OG’ Scorpio since it is knowingly referred to in automotive areas. It just goes on to display that Scorpio is massively admired all over the nation and there is yet a certain demand for a vehicle of its kind. Below are some of the reasons about why that remains the case even after many years:

It’s Robust

As in the early days, the Mahindra Scorpio has every time had a ladder-on-frame structure. It is significant since this maximized the robustness of the vehicle. In a ladder-on-frame kind of structure, there is a ladder-kind structure which is first established through the wheels and powertrain attached to it, and then the whole body of the car gets beetled off on top of that. The structure in these kinds of situations is quite literally the backbone of the vehicle, and it tolerates the brunt of the force at the time the vehicle is driven.

These types of trends last exceedingly longer, and the Scorpio is a main illustration of that. It is on the other hand the reason in which Mahindra was quite simply able for procreating a pick-up truck on the basis of the Scorpio platform, known as the Scorpio Gateway. As Scorpio has every time been a robust jeep, it is usual occurrence to discover 15 years old models performing good in tier 2 and tier cities, where the outflow norms lets for them to conduct.

It’s Simple

Once more, the Mahindra Scorpio was customized at the time the specifications weren’t actually the need of the hour. If you are seeking to purchase or travel by a car, and an SUV like the Scorpio at this point, then in all probabilities you were only seeking for a car which could adjust as many individuals as possible. Compared with, in this case if you look at the cars of the present day, one could argue that high-tech specifications have moved to an area in which they have started to be involved through the driving experience. In such time, the Scorpio carries on to stick out for its assured comprehensibility. This is appropriate for some of the reasons. First prospect is if there are fewer prospects which can go wrong, you will be required to fix lesser prospects at the time they do.

The OG Scorpio has every time provided the fundamentals in which they have been needed through the times, but it has never gone over the highest level through its specification list. Secondly, conducting a Scorpio has every time been easy, from attempting to get your driving spot right to discovering the method to alter the A/C settings. You are not required to skip menus on a screen for switching things on and off, which could be disturbing at the time of driving. Following the convention indicates that even those who don’t actually get the hand of present day specifications can operate the Scorpio without getting tensed regarding hitting the incorrect button.

It’s Great for Rough-roads

The reason why the Scorpio’s ladder-on-frame structure is a gain is because it is good for rough-roads. This kind of a structure configuration, as we previously understood, can take a beating on the other hand becomes even more significant at the time a vehicle is consistently run rough-road. Over a loose area, the ladder-on-frame structure lets the Scorpio to slip and move more comfortably, and without having impact to the body of the vehicle all that much. This is one of the cause in which the Mahindra Scorpio has been introduced in several rallies and is utilized as a rescue vehicle in demanding situations through various agencies.

Another reason why the Mahindra Scorpio is so popular for traveling in rough-road is because of the truth in which it gets four-wheel drive together through a low-range gearbox. It arrives in handy at the time terrains get very demanding like slush or on vertical inclines at the time you don’t want your wheels to spin.

It’s Adjustable

The truth in which the Scorpio is very easy to operate, it could be used over a host of circumstances. It’s convenient and fully in which you can use it as your vehicle each day. The fact is making use of a Scorpio as your daily vehicle would surely get you more area on the road, as the OG Scorpio still has many existence and presence respect from other road users.

Some may even tell in which the consistent Scorpio has even more presence compared to Scorpio-N, but this is a discussion for another day. Comfort beside, at the time you have a ferry a bunch of people, the Scorpio can take till 9 persons! Each person won’t be convenient but that is a pretty clean party tick. The space and the convenience also make it a good vehicle for road tours.

It’s a Legend

It has been more than 2 decades in which the Mahindra Scorpio has been operating in Nepal and if you were to remember the number of vehicles which have stuck all over for that long, you will discover that the catalog contains a handful of names. So, the Mahindra Scorpio finds itself in the company of prestigious names like Honda City, Maruti Alto and Mahindra Bolero. At the time a Scorpio may not be everybody’s cup of tea, individuals who drive consistently discover it difficult to switch over to other vehicles. You’ll discover them telling you that they just don’t make them like the Scorpio any longer, and in its own right, which is truthful than ever.

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