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Nepal is the home of beautiful mountains, lakes, and peaks, and the beauty of each peak is something that can’t be expressed in words. To explore those peaks, and tour destinations, you need detailed information about each including the best season, the itinerary, the cost of it, the difficulty level of climbing, or the important tips and gear before going out there. For those details, you don’t have to worry now because Lekbesi is here.
Lekbesi is Nepal’s biggest and best travel platform something like a directory where you can get the accurate details of each of the travel destinations, tours, peak climbing, or expedition. Whether you are searching for an adventurous expedition or you simply want to see the beauty of the Himalayas on a Helicopter Tour, Lekbesi has got your back. So why wait and watch, pack up your bag, and get ready for an adventurous ride?
Our goal is to help travelers plan their trips to Nepal, whether they are first-time coming to Nepal or seasonal travelers. We believe that every traveler is our guest and should have access to accurate and detailed information about their visit. Lekbesi is an easy-to-use platform to explore the best of what our country has to offer. Our website features a large number of information on popular destinations like Everest Base Camp, Mera Peak Climbing, Annapurna Expedition, and much more. Each of the destinations has accurate and detailed information on trekking routes, accommodation options, essential gear, and tips to make your stay better. You can find the duration, the cost, the difficulty level, the best season to visit there, and all the information you need in our Lekbesi portal.
Not only the trekking, tours, or expeditions, we also offer the details of helicopter tours that allow visitors to enjoy the breathtaking views from above. We provide Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Muktinath Darshan Through Helicopter, rescue operations, etc. Whether it be flying above the peaks or walking the treks, there is always Lekbesi for you. We are committed to making travel accessible to everyone no matter what their budget may be.
Our directory includes all types of travel information for Nepal from the biggest tourist destination to minor small tourist destinations. But we don’t just provide information about these, we also provide the services of each. Lekbesi provides the services of Peak climbing, expeditions, hiking, helicopter tours, day tours, cultural tours, trekking, etc. You are getting the information and the services wherever you want to explore In Nepal.
For booking, please contact us through our email or by phone available on this website. We are here to make your trip the best and a memorable one, so pack up your bag and join us today.


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