Bike Rental at Khandabari

Khandbari is a small town in the eastern region of Nepal and is a gateway to several popular trekking routes in the area. If you’re looking to explore the region on two wheels, you can rent a bike in Khandbari.

There are a few options for renting a bike in Khandbari. we have motorcycles or bicycles available for rent. The cost of renting a motorcycle in Khandbari generally ranges from NPR 3000 to NPR 10000 (approximately USD 30 to USD 80) per day, while the cost of renting a bicycle ranges from NPR 1000 to NPR 3000 (approximately USD 10 to USD 30) per day.

If you want to ensure availability, you can also book a rental bike online. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a bike waiting for you when you arrive. Additionally, some rental shops may require a deposit or a copy of your passport for security purposes, so be sure to inquire about the rental policies before renting a bike.

Renting a bike in Khandbari can be a great way to explore the area at your own pace and see the sights up close. Just be sure to follow local traffic rules and wear appropriate safety gear, especially when riding a motorcycle. For more info please call us whatsapp +977 9866551703

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