Manaslu Trek vai Tsum Valley Helicopter Return Trek will take the travelers and trekkers on a tour all over Mt. Manaslu, the 8th highest peak on the planet. This tour provides an amazing opportunity to view the Manaslu region’s beauty and culture both on land and in the air. Soon after reaching by air and passing the base of the attractive peak, the trek eventually provides travelers and trekkers a feeling of privilege. This trek is home to different monasteries, gompas, and mani walls that display Buddhist tradition and culture.

Manaslu Trek vai Tsum Valley Helicopter Return Trek waits to take trekkers to the unvisited region of Mansalu that is situated to the northwest of the Kathmandu valley. The pleasing surrounding and excellent atmosphere of this place is the finest feature of this tour. Tsum Valley is situated in the isolated Manaslu region up in the high hills. The word “Tsum” emerges from the Tibetan phrase “Beyul Kyimolung,” that indicates “valley of happiness.” The valley is wealthy with a native deep culture which relates to Buddhism. The fact that some visitors explore this place maximized the trek’s unlikeness and expedition. The trekkers can experience a truly special mountainous experience and understand remote culture as they follow experienced local guides during this tour.

Trekkers perceive guidance while on this Manaslu Trek vai Tsum Valley Helicopter Return Trek at the time passing by stiff tracks in this amazing place of Nepal. Together with the way, it is assured that trekkers savor amazing landscapes of one of the tallest mountain ranges of the mountain ranges. The stunning scenery of the tallest peaks in the planet, like Shringi Himal, Boudha Himal, Himalchuli, Nagdi Chuli, popular Ganesh, Himal, Simnang Himal, Saula Himal, Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, and lot more amazing mountain will be the traveler or trekker’s surrounding while on this tour. The existence of Tibetan Buddhism culture, traditions, costumes, and diverse way of living creates this tour more interesting and adventurous.

This tour is made even more attractive by the located places, stunning landscapes of snow-capped mountains, natural hot springs, admiring suspension bridges, unexplored wildlife, thick oak, and rhododendron jungles, a different kind of wildlife, waterfalls, and other beautiful features. Significantly, the villages the trekkers cross by on this trail are Namrung, Sama Gaun, Samdo, and Larkya Phedi. The Larkya La Pass is the ultimate place that is situated at a sky-kissing altitude of 5160 meters.

This pass is the last stop of this MANASLU TREK VIA TSHUM VALLEY Helicopter Return Trek that provides stunning views of the mountain ranges of the Manaslu region. To witness a different kind of adventure and views the trekkers can go for Tsum Valley heli trek. The company provides this exciting tour and more information the travelers or trekkers can visit this website or they call directly on this number +977 9866551703 (WhatsApp). This company also provides other tours in other parts of Nepal.

Highlights of Manaslu Trek vai Tsum Valley Helicopter Return Trek

Visit the Tibetan border on the Manaslu region’s northern side.

Stroll between the isolated villages in Nepal inhabited by different cultural groups.

Begin with the scenic Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Jagat.

View the diverse wildlife and flora which have been preserved in the Manaslu Conservation Area.

Cross by the Manaslu region’s riverbanks, cliff-carved tracks, and suspension bridges, gompas, and mani walls.

Landscapes from up close to the Langtang Himal, the Annapurna Massif, and Manslu, the 8th tallest peak in the entire planet.

Why select Manaslu Trek vai Tsum Valley Helicopter Return Trek

We know trekking is thrilling, but what if we join it with a helicopter flight to make it more cozy and appealing with nature? It surely sounds nice. A trek might be commenced through an attractive helicopter flight, and it can then carry on into the shadow of Mt. Manaslu and Tsum valley and again with the heli return. The trekkers can enjoy the amazing mountain landscapes of Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley like never before with a stunning heli trek. Start on these memorable tours as the trekkers travel this magnificent wilderness and have the pleasure of returning in ultimate ease via helicopter.

Difficulty of MANASLU TREK VIA TSHUM VALLEY Helicopter Return Trek

This trek skips the arduous walks of some days with a helicopter that doesn’t indicate it is simple. This return helicopter trek can be quite demanding. The trekkers will have to cross by high elevations, through passes reaching up till 5,100 m in altitude. On the other hand they will require being physically fit and well-prepared for the rigors of this challenging trek. Hence, if the trekkers are experienced with a proper level of fitness, then this tour can be amazingly easy and enjoyable.
The excellent way to make this helicopter return trek easier is by preparing earlier. It’s important to have the correct equipment and supplies, a proper grasp of the local terrain and culture, and mental preparation. Even though the trekkers will be tagging along the side of the guide, they won’t encounter any type of big problems. But its every time better to come prepared through some ideas and preparation.

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