SIKLES Helicopter Return Trek

SIKLES Helicopter Return Trek is a short and simple trekking tour which takes the trekkers with attractive Gurung populated villages. Together with stunning landscapes and views of fascinating snow-capped mountains. Sikles trek begins as the trekkers drive from Kathmandu to the beautiful naturally blessed city Pokhara followed by a short drive to Milan chowk and commence trekking against Kharpani. The trekkers can experience a natural hot spring at Kharpani dipping them in warm water. In addition, they will trek with the charming Gurung village of Ghalegaun, Parche, and then to Sikles.

At about 2,000m of elevation, the trekkers can get great landscapes of Annapurna and Lamjung Himal from here. At Sikes, they will visit the culture, traditions, and way of living of local Gurung communities. How do they live, how do they commemorate their festivities? How are they engaged in local craftsmanship producing? Enjoying and understanding all these prospects would be a very enjoyable and fun-filled event. In this way, they finally hike against Kalikastha, trek with remote terraced farmlands, reach to Begnas lake where the helicopter will come to pick the team at an appropriate place at Kapuche lake.

Sikles Trek is a short few days of trekking all over beautiful Gurung villages around Pokhara. There is no fear of altitude sickness and difficult walks. Hence, it is advised this SIKLES Helicopter Return Trek for all adventure lovers who are willing to visit the best of nature and culture across Pokhara. The travelers or trekkers can join for SIKLES Helicopter Return Trek. Sikles trek otherwise known as Royal trek is an elective trekking trail in Nepal that takes the trekkers to the edge of the Annapurna Conservation Area.

Passing by various geological territories, towns, and rhododendron woods, high uplifted knolls resting underneath the flying plumes of the Annapurna region this trek reveals the charming excellence of Nepal. The greater region of the town falling on the trekking route is essentially owned by the Gurung community and unmistakably represents the traditions and cultures of these individuals. The Sikles trek lies in the haven in which varieties of winged faunas and creatures are spotted. The trekkers can hear the pleasant tweeting sound of the winged faunas up and down the trekking route. The trek proves a great viewpoint of the divergent Annapurna Himalayan runs in addition to Dhaulagiri and Mt. Manaslu.

Highlights of SIKLES Helicopter Return Trek

Untouched visitor location.

  • Sikles is an attractive and exceedingly well-kept village of Sikles alighted on a hillock at the height of 2000 meters.
  • It is popular for its very well-maintained homely flair and there are few better examples of traditional Gurung village.
  • The trek itself is not a challenging one permitting time to study the richness of vegetation and animals to be found on the track.
  • It offers some glorious peak views of the Annapurna, Manaslu, Fishtail, and Lamjung.
  • Visit the ethnic Gurung culture and their way of living.
  • Helicopter pick from the completing point.

Note: It is advised that trekkers or travelers should arrive in Kathmandu a day earlier prior to commencing their trek (if they do not have a day of Kathmandu anticipated). And if they have awaited Kathmandu day trip they must arrive two days before the actual day of hike). If the trekkers are able to come a day earlier, it will be best for them as they will acquire some time to take rest, understand regarding the trekking they are about to do, obtain information regarding the trekking trails, and they get time to purchase trekking gears if mandatory.

Adding some additional days aside, actual trekking days will assist them to enjoy the tour to Nepal completely without having to fear regarding any arrangements, and flight delays, and missing out international flights.

SIKLES Helicopter Return Trek Difficulty

Sikles Trek Route

The trek is simple to moderate level climb. But the route can be harsh for novice trekkers. As for experienced trekkers, this trek can be a simple task. Sikles village lies at a lower elevation so there is a low possibility of altitude sickness. But still, there are a lot of up and down hill climbs so they need huge resistance. On the other hand, the trekkers will be walking for 5 to 6 hours each day. So, if trekkers are not much of a walker then it will be exhausting.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness is one of the most essential elements at the time of a trekking tour. The trekkers should be physically and mentally fit to accomplish this trek. With the absence of appropriate body conditions walking in those tracks can be harsh. This trek needs only physical training, not technical training. So, the trekkers can do this training by themselves. Like running, swimming, cycling, and a lot more. This assists to maximize the trekker’s stamina. And also meditation helps to provide peace of mind and positive thinking. So, the trekkers are to be well prepared prior to their trek.

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