Seti River Gorge

Seti River Gorge is a natural gorge located in the western region of Nepal, near the city of Pokhara. The gorge is formed by the Seti River, which has carved a deep canyon through the limestone rocks. The Seti River is a fast-flowing river with a narrow and deep channel, and the gorge is considered one of the most spectacular natural sites in the Pokhara Valley.

The gorge is around 2km long and is accessible by a footpath that runs along the river. The footpath is narrow and at times can be steep and slippery, so visitors should wear appropriate footwear and be prepared for a moderate level of difficulty.

The Seti River Gorge is a popular spot for sightseeing, as well as for adventure activities such as white-water rafting and kayaking. The rapids of the Seti River are considered to be some of the most challenging in Nepal, and the gorge is a popular spot for experienced rafters and kayakers.

The Seti River Gorge is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, and visitors can see a variety of birds, animals, and plants along the footpath. The gorge is also home to several small villages, where visitors can see the local culture and lifestyle.

The best time to visit the Seti River Gorge is during the dry season, from October to May, when the water level is low and the rapids are less intense. It’s also important to note that the gorge is not accessible during the monsoon season as the water level rises and it can be dangerous to navigate the river.

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