Scorpio Jeep Rental for Chandragiri Tour

Chandragiri is a hill station at the altitude of 2500 m. The vehicle heads to the base of the Chandragiri Hill Station and you have to purchase the ticket for the cable car. At the maximum height of the hill, you can see the 180 degree view of different series of Annapurna and Everest mountains. You will be very pleased to view the landscape and the beauty. The view of Kathmandu valley, the Chitlang village on the other hand a series of mountain ranges smiling to the valley are another significant attraction you will be fascinated to see from the maximum height of the hill.

This location, Chandragiri is an excellent place for business meetings, recreational objectives and friends and family visit. You will have a very good time being there and make unforgettable memories. There is a view tower, temple of Bhaleshor, conference hall, playground for children, shops and restaurants etc. inside Chandragiri Hill’s property. If you are planning for the Kathmandu to Chandragiri Hill station then Scorpio Jeep will be the most suitable option for you. Jeeps like Scorpios are very comfortable transportation so Scorpio Jeep for Chandragiri Tour will be most unforgettable and comfortable for the travelers.

Scorpio Jeep for Chandragiri Tour will be a most exciting tour. This tour is the most famous trip in Nepal. Situated in the south-west of the capital city Kathmandu, Chandragiri Hill is one of Nepal’s most admired day-tour places. Locals, expats and travelers alike discover this place for a thrilling experience and few lovely memories are created in the wake. The significant place of Chandragiri Hill is the mountaintop, from where magnificent views of the great Himalayan mountain ranges can be seen. The crisp cold weather would surround you, since only the snow-covered crests of several mountain massifs raise their head above the cloudy mist and the green valley of Kathmandu lies at the bottom, appearing attractive and glorious. provides Scorpio Jeep for Chandragiri Tour.

What can you expect in the Scorpio Jeep for Chandragiri Tour?

Some of the significant attraction of Chandragiri Hill Station is:

Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple – Bhaleshwor Mahadeve temple, situated on the southwest side of Kathmandu valley, is a Hindu temple devoted to a form of Lord Shiva. You will find numerous devotees at the time you are in the temple. During the tour, this temple is going to be a significant component in which you will discover. You really don’t have to go the additional mile to get to this temple since you will find it at the end of your Chandragiri Hills day tour anyway.

Scenic view of Chandragiri Hills – Chandragiri Hills is probably one of the most attractive hilltops which will provide you the most beautiful view you can acquire in Kathmandu. As you will be heading to the maximum height of Chandragiri, the city will seem smaller from the maximum height, and the hill’s greenery adds to the spectacular view.

Cable car ride – You will travel by a cable car to get to the top of Chandragiri Hills. The cable cars there are brand new and are maintained every now and then. At the time you are in the cable car, you will be able to view the greenery of the forest beneath while also shortly leaving the busy city life of Kathmandu behind.

Relaxing day off – For everybody searching to get away from their busy lives and head to somewhere relaxing, there is no better choice than Chandragiri Hills.

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