Kathmandu to Ilam by Car and Jeep cost

Illam, a magnificent mountain town is a famous and rich tea estate of Nepal located in the eastern region. Illam provides a quick walk in a tea yard, a quiet picnic and commutation stop, and a short hike along a gradual slope. It is a mini mountain town through untouched scenery of splatter tea gardens, hill streams, thick jungle, religious places and a different tradition. It is popular for natural landscapes, tea producing, religious places and a distinct farming economy.

Lekbesi provides the services of cars and jeeps for the visitors for making their trip unforgettable. Vehicle hiring services with the client through various motorcars like car and jeep for traveling to Illam offers with most discounted prices. Traveling from Kathmandu to IIlam normally takes 12-13 hours by car or jeep. The total distance between Kathmandu to Illam is around 525.2 kilometers. The significant beautiful places in Illam are tea garden, Antu Danda, Mai Pokhari, Sadakpur, Kanyam and Fikkal, Siddhi Thumka, Chhintapu, Gajur Mukhi, Pathibhara and Mai beni. 

Review of Kathmandu to Ilam by car and jeep cost 

Lekbesi provides services of hiring cars and jeeps to the travelers who want to go for a trip from Kathmandu to Ilam in which it is one of the greatest tourist places to travel within Nepal. Going for a trip in community and general buses is in some ways exhausting, on the other hand very hard compared to a privately hired motorcar. Through a private motor car rental service, the visitors will experience one of the best land trips with Lekbesi. 

The visitors also enjoy the food, driving scenarios, and arrival at the selected location in accordance to their particular choice and need. During the trip there will be freedom to ask for breaks in the vehicle and have fun with the environment too.

Lekbesi also provides the well-arranged cars and jeeps. Additionally, deluxe services like hot water, wireless internet, AC, etc. will also be provided according to the vehicle selection. The traveler can select the vehicles according to their group, capacity and adjustable. To tell the Eastern part of Nepal, Illam is the primary choice to travel. It is the richest region regarding the inborn green flora, views, different traditional assortment, religious places, etc. 

It is also popular for its significant floriculture crop production in Nepal. There are gorgeous sites to travel such as tea gardens, temples and other beautiful scenarios included in the Lekbesi from Kathmandu to IIIam packages. Illam is also popular for the gorgeous sunrise and sundown scenario from the tea garden. Lots of tourists are enticed to this place in Nepal because of all this inbuilt beauty and traditional assortment. So, the flow of the visitors is also maximum and carries on maximizing each year. The length between from Kathmandu to IIIam is 525.2 kilometers so it will take around 12 to 13 hours traveling by car or jeep. 

During the trip the driver will take a break for the food ( 3 times) and a short interval, the traveler is also allowed to stop the vehicle for the break according to the visitor’s wish but visitors are  told to keep the duration or period as a priority. Hiring a car or jeep will make the trip even easy, tension free, and convenient. This will support the visitors to stop the difficulty and pressure in which the travelers might have experienced for lengths of 12-13 hours with general transportations. The travelers don’t have to accommodate themselves like general transportations, as there will be sufficient capacity for whole associates. 

Trip from Kathmandu to Ilam by car track 

The trip to Ilam begins from the pickup place of Kathmandu. The driver will drive to the west in which the car will travel on the Khulekhani Phakhel Pharping highway. The car will carry on the journey to Tribhuvan Rajhpath to East-West main road. Subsequently, the car will travel on the Mechi main road to Fikkal. The driver will continue the journey with Mahendra Marg to Shahid marg. Thereby, the car will move to the Bhanu Path to the last destination Ilam. Taking cover to all these locations through inbuilt environments, the visitors will be at their destination Ilam after approximately 12-13 hours by car or jeep drive. The route for traveling back to Kathmandu from Ilam will be the same but in the inverse direction.

Trip from Ilam to Kathmandu by car track

The route from Ilam to Kathmandu by car or jeep is the same as the journey from Kathmandu to Ilam but in the inverse direction. All over the whole journey, the travelers will be able to view the beautiful landscape, community inhabitants, religious places, etc. At the time of hiring a car or jeep it’s wiser to hire it for two-way journeys where it will support the passengers not to waste time and energy. It is a little exhausting and hard to rehire the motorcar after completing the journey. If the passengers are hired for two-ways journeys then they can simply return in the same vehicle to Kathmandu in which there will be no wasting time too. In case the passengers are in Ilam and travel Kathmandu through the hired vehicle, then the service provider will be there also. The visitors are required to ring on the provided number +977 9866551703 ( WhatsApp )

and book the vehicle in accordance with the passenger’s option. But check that the visitors make a booking of the vehicle at least middle of the day (or a day) before the Ilam to Kathmandu journey.

Kathmandu to Illam by Car and Jeep cost 


From To Vehicle Cost (NRS)
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.  
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.  
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.


From To Vehicle Cost (NRS)
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.
Kathmandu Illam   NRS.

Journey from Kathmandu to Ilam driver 

The drivers provided by Lekbesi car and jeep rental agency for the Kathmandu to Ilam are very skilled and expert. The drivers have ideas regarding the journey like highway status, needed speed, food place, etc. The drivers are very polite so the passengers don’t have to wait for a longer period. The vehicle will stop for food at the appropriate time to the best meal providing hotels or restaurants. They will also ask and take a short break for the washroom. The passengers have the freedom to talk with the driver and stop the vehicle to any suitable place too. 

The distance from Kathmandu to Ilam

The distance from Kathmandu to Ilam is around 12-13 hours to reach the selected destination if the roads are clear. The clear highways or roads will not delay the trip or journey but it will be quick, but at times, it may take more than estimated time all things considered such as topographical status like mudslides, too much rainfall, or too much traffic jams, building of roads on the way, etc. Therefore, the duration to reach the particular location depends upon these conditions. 

Are the passengers allowed to stop the vehicle on the half-way traveling from Kathmandu to Ilam?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to stop the vehicle if they want to. The driver will stop the vehicle in some locations for washrooms or short breaks and food. In case if the visitors wants to have fun with the landscape or purchase things while driving, then the visitors are allowed to stop the vehicle but through appropriate discussion with the driver. If the visitors want to stay behind (such as hold for a night), in this case the visitors have to make payment extra for both the hired car or jeep on the other hand driver and also have to notify the agency form where the car or jeep was hired regarding the changes  in the journey.. The meal and lodging at the stay in the hotel will be the visitor’s own bill.

Reasons why Ilam is popular for to visitors or tourist to visit 

Mainly, Ilam is popular for its tea. Besides for tea, it is popular for its natural scenario which is shielded with a tea garden, hill steams, natural thick jungle, sunrise and sundown scenario, religious places, and its different tradition. Some of the significant beauty and the things to do in Ilam are mentioned below:

  • Traveling to the magnificent tea garden located under Mt. Kanchenjunga that is also popular for its charming tea orchard 
  • Visiting Fikkal market place to view the daily living style of the local residence of Ilam
  • View Mai Pokhari for spectacular and captivating pictures 
  • Visit Antu Danda for having fun with the magnificent sunrise and sundown over white top mountains with snow 
  • Viewing the Sandakpur in the place the visitors can walk by gorgeous thick jungle to view infrequent wild vegetation and animal
  • Short and exciting trek to Chhintapur
  • Cruising tour to kanyam 
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