Kathmandu to Halesi (Maratika Cave) Jeep Cost

Halesi Mahadev is located in Kothang region in eastern Nepal. This place is 325 Kilometers away from Kathmandu. Traveling by vehicle through Dhulikhel, Nepalthok, Khurkot to reach this place will take around 9 to 10 hours one way. If the travelers begin their journey to Halesi Mahadev they will reach there in the late evening. This place is mainly for visiting the Halesi caves (Maratika Cave) (, temples, and overnight in the lodges in the nearby small town. There are a number of hotels and many local lodging houses.

lekbesi.com provides the service of jeep to visit this beautiful place with an experienced driver because of the parts of the road is rough. The visitors can contact for trip from Kathmandu to Halesi jeep cost for the reservation on the number +977 9866551703 (Whats app.This agency provides visitors with convenient and well maintained jeeps with affordable price rates.

The best season to visit this place is from January to June and September to December. The significant objective of the jeep hiring to travel to Halesi is to take the visitor to their desired places. The road which goes to Halesi is very hard in some areas of the destination. It will be quite hard to take a bus for the trip or some other large vehicles. Jeep would be the most appropriate choice since it is smaller in size, has durable body sections, strong engine, and non-greasy tires to beat rough and off roads (rough road).

The visitors travel by rental jeep, they can ask the driver to stop in any place to take pictures and have a meal.  lekbesi.com is the agency that can provide trips from Kathmandu to Halesi jeep cost and prices at most discounted prices. Jeeps are designed for all periods and all types of roads and highways. The place Halesi is mainly popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. Maratika Cave is a significant attraction in Halesi. Maratika Cave is located on the top of a small hill and Halesi Mahadev temple inside it.

In accordance with the faith of Hinduism, Mahadev once lived in the Halesi cave in former times for a short time. Buddhist also has faith in which Mandarava and Padmasambhava attained Vidyadhara in the Halesi cave. There are lots of temples and shrines. The visitors can see various attractive hills, streams, rivers, and peaks. Various festivals and rituals are celebrated on religious occasions.


Highlights Halesi Mahadev or Maratika Cave

  1. Have a nice and safe journey with Jeep from Kathmandu to Halesi Mahadev
  2. Have fun with incredible landscapes and traditional and cultural heritage
  3. Visit to various caves, Monasteries and Temples
  4. Significant religious place for Hindu, Buddhist and Kirat

Kathmandu to Halesi Jeep Cost and Different brands of Jeeps

Kathmandu to Halesi jeep cost and price are provided by the agency lekbesi.com at the most discounted prices. This tour from Kathmandu to Halesi is a holy tour in Khotang district. Halesi is a holy place that is mainly prominent for Khotang Halesi Mahadev temple. Halesi temple is mainly for worshiping Lord Shiva. Haleshwor Cave, Basaha Cave and Bhairava Cave that are the image of Shiva, Nandi and Bhairav individually are the inexplicable caves that are called as three eyes of lord Shiva. Halesi trip is an adventurous trip. This tour also gives you the chance to experience the magnificent mountains, peaks, rivers, etc.





From                         To                        Vehicle                  Cost


Kathmandu            Halesi, Kothang             Mahindra                   NPR.


Kathmandu            Halesi, Kothang                                               NPR.


Kathmandu            Halesi, Kothang                                               NPR.


Kathmandu            Halesi, Kothang                                               NPR.


Kathmandu            Halesi, Kothang                                               NPR.



Questions regarding the trip package from Kathmandu to Halesi Jeep

Which time is the best time to travel to Halesi?

The best time to travel to Halesi is from January to June and September to December.

Am I allowed to reserve a jeep for other people?

Yes, you are allowed to reserve a jeep for other persons through making payment of reservation and issuing the identity verification.

Am I allowed to reserve a jeep for a few more extra days than exceeding the trip package days?

Normally, the visitors are not allowed to reserve more than exceeding the package days for rental jeep but in this case the visitor must contact the tours and travels agency head office in Kathmandu. The lekbesi.com and Travel will investigate the situation and decide as per the condition.

Are all the payments which include drivers cost and fuel charges contained in the trip package payment?

Yes, all the payments are included in the trip package payment. Clients do not have to make payment during the journey after the charges of the trip package have been paid before.

What is the height and altitude of Halesi?

Halesi is located at the height and altitude of 3,100m to 4,734m above sea level.

If the traveler has any road problem at the time of the trip whom shall they contact?

In the case of road problems, the clients can contact the number +977 9866551703. lekbesi.com will be there to assist its clients every time.

Do the visitors have to pay for the reservation cancellation payment?

Generally, the reservation cancellation payment does not have to be paid by the client if they confirm to cancel the trip 1-2 days before. Sometimes if all the agreements are made, clients have to make payment for some portion of the reservation payment as cancelation or withdrawal charges.

Kathmandu to Halesi jeep cost for rent tour facts

Tour name                               Kathmandu to Halesi jeep rental

Total distance by jeep                  11 to 12 hours approximately

Jeep brand names                        Mahindra, Toyota,

Facilities provide                           Handles, safety belts, comfortable seats

Beginning place                            Kathmandu (selected pick up place)

Ending place                                 Halesi village (lodge/ local boarding house)

Distance                                        325 kilometers

Driver                                            Experience, competent, skillful, good communicator, polite

 Other information about the Halesi Mahadev trip

Traveling from Kathmandu to Halesi by jeep is a spectacular drive to the most popular Temple of Lord Shiva located in Khothang District of Nepal. Halesi Mahadev is on the other hand popular as Pashupatinath of eastern Nepal. The temple is a worshiping temple for Hindus, Buddhists and Kirants.

Each year thousands of people visit Halesi Mahadev from all over the world. The trip to Halesi Mahadev also provides the visitors with a magnificent landscape of divergent views and mountains with snow. The visitors might decide on the lodges and hotels around Maratika. There are reasonable hotels and lodges applicable in Maratika region. Magnificent garden with big parking area present in the quality hotel of town. The best seasons and the months to travel to Halesi Mahadev are between Septembers to November aside from holy occasions. In the season of Autumn the visitors can experience a very clear and pleasurable climate. December to February would be cold but the sky remains clear but March to May is the warmest weather.

Halesi Mahadev Darshan Yatra begins from Kathmandu passing by Banepa and Dhulikhel through Araniko Highway and redirects to Sindhuli, Bardibas on B.P highway. While on the journey the visitors view the great scenarios and incredible settlements. The journey by jeep from Kathmandu to Halesi also presents the visitors the huge chance to grab knowledge regarding the cultures, traditions and way of living of the various ethnic groups and their religious relation with the mountain peaks.

The reason for the convenient journey by driving with jeep is because of the expansion of the main roads to eastern Nepal from Kathmandu. The establishment of the highway is carrying on in which the tour is longer and more exhausting so the lekbesi.com offers you a well maintained jeep for the trip for making the journey very convenient.

lekbesi.com also offers for the trip from Kathmandu to Halesi jeep trip based on private and team joining trip. The agency’s trip to Halesi (Maratika Cave) rental service provides full or partial day offs package through convenient jeep service. Journey to Maratika cave or Halesi Mahadev is to the heart touching of Lord Shiva as it is believed as the religious place of western Nepal. Halesi Mahadev cave is located in Kothang region at the height and altitude of 1,460 meters of Nepal. There are two huge caves in Halesi that are also popular as Matrica Cave. In accordance with the believed Halesi Cave has been used as a home for 6000 years. Lord Shiva hides in the cave to be protected from demon Vasmaur. This is a fairly significant religious place for Hindu, Buddhist and Kirat.

The people normally don’t search for rental jeeps for the self-driving purpose. Generally, most of the motorcar rental agencies do not provide service of self-driving jeep facilities for assuring the security of the clients and also vehicles. If any client wants to hire a jeep for the self-driving purpose, then the client has to make a deposit of a large amount of cash, identity confirmation, and driving license proof of a larger vehicle. number +977 9866551703 (Whats app) or Email: contact@lekbesi.com.

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