Kathmandu to Chitlang Jeep Cost

Traveling from Kathmandu to Chitlang by Jeep hiring would be an easy task through Lekbesi. The travelers can contact on the mobile number +977 9866551703 ( WhatsApp ). Lekbesi provides the services to travel from Kathmandu to Chitlang with all types of Jeeps with well-maintained condition. 

The head office is situated at Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. The visitors can also hire the Jeeps in advance because when it is off season the vehicles might be in a shortage status. All Jeeps of Lekbesi have very comfortable seats for the passengers and also provide other services. Each driver is an expert and competent in driving to their respective destinations. Every seat of the Jeep is every time well maintained and clean after a few trips with other passengers.

The agency can provide you Jeep for rental such as Toyota, Mahindra and several other kinds of Jeep at reasonable and discounted costs. The passengers can also have fun with the outer scenarios distinctly and conveniently while traveling from the Jeep with comfortable seats. The agency always keeps Jeep well maintained of its standard through giving service without delay. Lekbesi is established with the objective of providing the service of best Jeeps and other vehicles with hiring procedures for making the client’s trip or journey very convenient, protected and quick. 

The Jeep is usually convenient and best for eight persons for every journey. Traveling with a Jeep is very quick and safe in which there will be no wastage of time too. Trips or journeys with private motorcars have their own enjoyable and luxury services. Domestic buses and other big vehicles are filled with lots of people in which we might even don’t get to sit for trips or journeys. On the other hand seats are also contaminated and have little volume but Lekbesi provides Jeeps with comfortable clean seats and it only allows a certain number of passengers with its actual capacity not more than its actual capacity. 

Places to visit in Chitlang 

The tourist attractions while visiting Chitlang are MajhaGau, Ashoka Chaitya, SwochhandraVaira temple, Satdhea (Sat Dhara), ShikharDham, etc. Chitland is located in the Mahabharat range and the visitors can also view the Venda farm and goat cheese manufactory. Chitlang organic settlement is very popular in which each cooked food item is naturally cultivated by the people of the same village. 

Markhu, Kulekhani is on the other hand magnificent in which the visitors can experience and view spectacular lake scenarios. Boating is allowed in the lake as well as fishing. Visitors can also visit Krishna temple situated in Bisinkhel for worshiping gods. We can also experience the tradition and culture of the Newar community through pleasant-sounding people and their finest friendliness to the visitors. The tourists can also experience the highlands and hills scenarios in Chitlang. 

Journey truth- Kathmandu to Chitlang Jeep cost and rental 

Journey title  Kathmandu to Chitlang Jeep rental 
Distance of driving  1 hour 35 minutes 
Jeep capacity  ……… 
Jeep brands available  Mahindra, Toyota, etc. ….
Provisions  Convenient seats, safety belts, audio sound system 
Journey starting place  Kathmandu (selected pick up place)
Journey ending place  Chitland 
Length of journey  27 kilometers 
Price of each people 

Self Driving information from Kathmandu to Chitlang Jeep rental 

Self-driving services starting from Kathmandu to Chitlang Jeep rental are provided normally by most of the agencies. To drive by yourself on journeys like Kathmandu to Chitlang then you have to make a larger amount of cash deposit and identity confirmation to the agency or company the vehicle you are hiring from. The client must have a jeep’s driving license. For further inquiries you can contact the number +977 9866551703 ( WhatsApp ).

Questions asked about the journey from Kathmandu to Chitlang by jeep rental 

  • What is the actual price for each person traveling from Kathmandu to Chitlang?

The actual price for each person traveling from Kathmandu to Chitlang is


  • Are the highway tariffs, toll payment, fuel payment and driver’s cost included in the trip package?

Yes, the whole necessity payments are included in this trip package from Kathmandu to Chitlang. The passengers do not have to make any payment while traveling.

  • Whom shall I contact if I have the proceeding vehicle issue?

You can contact the number +977 9866551703 and we will immediately take action and provide a service man for the journey. 

  • Are jeeps provided by the agency safe for the elderly persons and kids?

Yes, the jeeps provided by the agency are safe for both the elderly persons and kids. 

  • Am I allowed to withdraw the jeep reservation? If I cancel the reservation do I have to pay for any services?

Yes, you are allowed to withdraw from the reservation of jeep rental but the cancellation must be made before one or two days or else you have to pay for the reservation cost. Generally, the agency doesn’t ask for money for cancellation or withdrawal charges.

  • Which time is the most appropriate to travel to Chitlang?

The most favorable time or season to travel to Chitlang are winter, summer and spring. 

The most appropriate way to travel from Kathmandu to Chitlang

Nepal is home for a couple of the greatest and fantastic landscapes in the entire planet, popular for its magnificent gorgeous environments. If anyone visits Chitlang they won’t regret it because visiting Chitlang is a valuable journey in Nepal. To assure a peaceful journey, visitors should recognize different prospects prior to starting the trip to Chitland with colleagues or loved ones. The procedure traveling from Kathmandu to Chitlang is considered a significant component to keep in mind. 

Buses, private motorcars, and even bike rides are a couple of alternatives for transports for traveling from Kathmandu to Chitlang. Correspondingly, it is significant for confirmation of the weather forecast prior to the journey from Kathmandu to Chitlang. Understanding the weather forecast can assist the travelers to plan and assure visitors in selecting the correct garments or cosmetics to pack, for example raincoats, warm cloths, or sunscreen. 

A review of Chitlang

A beautiful merge of houses and hilltops is found in the dignified Nepalese settlement of Chitlang. The village, surrounded by the Chandragiri hills, is popular for existing a previous commercial path to India. Prior to the enhancement of the Tribhuvan Highway, this renowned commercial path provided a significant connection within Kathmandu and the rest of the country. Chitlang is gradually acquiring a reputation as an excellent vacation place. Several communities and foreign tourists travel to Chitland every week.

Chitlang is famous for its magnificent trekking moments, which makes it the supreme vacation place for individuals who like to view landscapes and expeditions. Travelers can expect a beautiful experience in Chitlang, that connects original beauty and traditional history. The Chandragiri hills surround Chitlang and supply a magnificent viewpoint of the settlement and the environments. 

Travelers can have a good experience with a stroll or trekking mountains which have rich flora in fauna. At the time of the walk, several vantage places provide beautiful scenarios of the valley beneath. Furthermore, there are lots of locations to visit in Chitlang, such as Swochhanda Bhairav Temple, Satdhara, Bhedafarm, Markhu, Kulekhani (Indra Sarovar Lake), etc. Chitlang is a classical settlement, and visiting the place is like having an experience like returning back to the past. 

The place is a historical Newari society in the Narayani region’s Makwanpur sector. The small settlement has preserved its different tradition through its sub-structure, cultures, and living style. Travelers can on the other hand grab knowledge regarding the Newari tradition handed over by the generations, in extension to experience the kind welcoming of the guests by local peoples. Chitlang is an unexplored gem which offers a unique and original Nepalese surrounding. Tourists traveling to Chitlang might experience a memorable trip filled with expedition, past, and tradition, through the beautiful landscape to the rich traditional history. 

Kathmandu to Chitlang tour by jeep

First day:     Traveling from Kathmandu 

01:00 pm:   Gathering and travel to Chitlang.

04:30 pm:   Reach to Chitlang and eatables welcome and snacks.

05:00 pm:   View resort environment and surroundings.

06:00 pm.   Begin bonfire with plain barbecue and audio sound with Disco essence. 

08:00 pm:   Dinner time.

Second day: Travel back to Kathmandu

07:00 am:   Morning meal.

08:30 am:   leaving resort for viewing landscape of Goat cheese manufacture, Saat dhara and Manjhgaun.

11:00 am:   Eat lunch.

12:00 pm:   Travel to Kulekhani.

01:00 pm:   Boating and viewing landscape.

02:00 pm:   Travel back to Kathmandu.     

Chitlang is a place to visit and should not be neglected at the time of visiting Nepal’s original beauty and traditional history. This place is supreme and beautiful for the individuals who love to go for expeditions, culture and pleasure since it provides an opportunity to view the infrequent combination of nature and tradition. In Chitlang, travelers might take in the remarkable landscape and grab knowledge regarding Nepal’s countryside living style. 

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