Tiji Festival

The Tiji Festival Trek is a popular trekking destination in Nepal that takes hikers through the Mustang region and culminates in the Tiji festival, which is a traditional festival celebrated by the local people of Mustang. The trek typically takes 8-12 days to complete, depending on the pace of the group and the itinerary. The trek starts and ends in the town of Jomsom, and the route passes through the Mustang district, which is a part of the Himalayas.

The trek takes hikers through a variety of landscapes, including high-altitude deserts, and glacial valleys. Along the way, hikers will have the opportunity to experience the local culture and way of life of the Mustang people. The trek passes through many small villages and stops at local teahouses for accommodation and meals.

One of the highlights of the trek is the Tiji festival, which is a three-day religious festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. The festival includes colorful dances, mask dances, and other cultural activities, which are performed by the local people. The trek also includes a visit to the ancient city of Lo Manthang, the capital of Mustang, which offers a glimpse into the culture and way of life of the Mustang people.

It is important to have a proper physical and acclimatization preparation before the trek, also hiring a guide or a porter and checking the weather conditions are highly recommended to make the trek safe and enjoyable. Additionally, special permits are required to enter the Mustang region, which can be obtained in Kathmandu. It’s important to note that the Tiji festival is celebrated annually from 16th May to 18th May and plan the trek accordingly to attend the festival.

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