LANGTANG GOSAIKUNDA Helicopter Return Trek

The LANGTANG GOSAIKUNDA Helicopter Return Trek is one of the thrilling treks operated for trekkers to experience the aerial landscape of Langtang valley. The scenic highland flight provides the attractive scenery of the snow-capped mountain ranges of Nepal. This is one of the easiest tours accessible for a short and comfortable experience of the Langtang valley. The helicopter trip which follows is a different experience of the secret lands of Nepal. The trekkers will have a glaring landscape of the secret valleys and glaciers during the helicopter ride. The amazing tour is recommended for total 4-6 persons. On the other hand, it is a perfect chance for even children and elderly to experience the comprehensive beauty of Langtang valley.

The LANGTANG GOSAIKUNDA Helicopter Return Trek is a 9-10 days tour which has many pleasant encounters with nature. There is an attractive expiration to the Langtang National Park through its amazing ecosystem on the other hand lush green vegetation. The trekkers can glimpse of the rare faunas, birds, and vegetation of this national park. Apart from this, at the time the trekkers go back, they can have a bird’s eye view of the peaks and valleys of this region. They can catch the amazing mountains of Langtang and Annapurna range in their helicopter return.

This 9-10 days tour begins after a jeep ride to Dhunche. From there, they explore the outstanding locations of this region that involves Syabru Gaon, Kyanjin Gompa and ultimately to Gosaikunda lake. This lake, which is one of the most religious places for Hindus, is covered by some majestic uplands and peaks. There are also a lot of neighboring lakes in this region that are uniformly explored. The LANGTANG GOSAIKUNDA Helicopter Return Trek Is a beautiful visit to one of the finest off-the-beaten-track trails in Nepal. The secret valleys, amazing culture, and the magnificent peak make this tour one of the most enjoyable tours in Nepal. This tour is provided by and for more information trekkers can visit this website.

LANGTANG GOSAIKUNDA Helicopter Return Trek Highlights:

Chance to experience the amazing Gosaikunda Lake.

Religious bath in the Gosaikunda and Havane.

Amazing landscapes of mountain ranges.

Experience Tibetan breakfast at the guest houses.

Visit an attractive Tibetan village at Langtang valley.

Amazing landscape of Langtang Ri (6370m), Ganesh Himal (7.422m), Lang Sisa (6427m)

Beautiful views of Dorje Lakpa ranges (6966m), and the neighboring landscapes.

Difficulty of LANGTANG GOSAIKUNDA Helicopter Return Trek

The highest point of the hike takes the trekkers to the height of 3,870m at Kyanjing. Thus, the threat of altitude sickness is modest at the time of adventure. As long as they take appropriate safety measures and acclimatize, their opportunities of altitude sickness are less. Apart from that, the tour does not need any physical fitness test. The modest fitness of a person is enough to accomplish the task. In addition, just a small section of the trail is vertical and difficult. So, trekkers must provide additional care if they have any knee and ankle issues. At the same time, through sufficient rest stops together, even senior citizens can experience the amazing trek.

Best Time for LANGTANG GOSAIKUNDA Helicopter Return Trek

The weather in the month of November and March to May is the most favorable time to visit the Langtang Valley. The climate is warm at this time of year around with less possibilities of rainfall. Hence, they can experience an amazing trek with clear beautiful peak views. Apart from this, the post-monsoon season is also considered as an absolute time to visit. The monsoon rainfall washes away all the dust, providing clear landscapes and brighter days. So, trekkers shall experience an astonishing trek with crystalline views of the peaks.

Food and Lodgings

Tea houses together with this trek provide different kinds of dishes. The trekkers will even have the chance to experience porridge, pancakes, and eggs for a morning meal. Aside from this, choices like momo, pasta, and noodles are also accessible for lunch and dinner. At the same time, Dal Bhat will be the remarkable item in the majority of the houses.

The most famous food in the trail is the traditional Nepal staple food, i.e. Rice, lentils, chutney, curry, meat, and salad. The tea houses and the guest houses are insufficient together with the trail. So the trekkers don’t have to worry regarding lodgings. These establishments provide cozy bedrooms through different bathrooms. Hence, in some situations, trekkers may have to share a bathroom also.

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