Guurila Trek

The Guurila Trek is a relatively new trekking route in Nepal that offers a unique opportunity to explore a region that has yet to be affected by commercialization. This trek offers a chance to meet people from different ethnic groups such as Barman, Kshetri, and Thakuri.

The trail of the Guurila Trek follows the footsteps of the Maoist guerillas during the decade-long insurgency in Nepal. The trek starts from Beni and passes through the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve and Tukum and Rolpa districts. The route was used by the Maoist insurgents during the civil war in Nepal.

The region is abundant in natural resources and biodiversity, including wildlife (60% of the Dhorpatan Reserve is in Rukum), waterfalls, rivers, caves, lakes, and the majestic Himalayas to the north. Along the way, you will visit many sites that have historical significance and enjoy the peace, beauty, and hospitality of the local people.

This trek is perfect for those who are seeking an authentic trekking experience in Nepal and would like to explore a region that is off the beaten path. It is a great choice for returning visitors and all lovers of Nepal.

Highlights of the Guurila Trek:
Duration: 16 days
Start Point: Beni
End Point: Sulichour
Trekking Style: Camping/Tea House
Minimum Group Size: 2
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maximum Elevation: 4000 meters.


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