Pokhara Tour

Pokhara is a popular tourist destination in Nepal, known for its natural beauty, adventure activities, and cultural attractions. A tour of Pokhara typically includes visiting some of the following places:

  1. Phewa Lake: This is the second-largest lake in Nepal and a popular spot for boating and fishing. Visitors can also take a walk around the lake and enjoy the views of the Annapurna mountain range in the background.
  2. Sarangkot: This hilltop village offers panoramic views of the Himalayas, including the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. It’s a popular spot for paragliding and sunrise/sunset views.
  3. Peace Pagoda: This Buddhist stupa is located on a hilltop overlooking Pokhara and offers beautiful views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Visitors can also learn about Buddhism and the history of the pagoda from the monks who live there.
  4. International Mountain Museum: This museum showcases the history, culture, and lifestyle of the mountain people of Nepal, as well as the history of climbing in Nepal.
  5. Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave: This is a sacred cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites in Pokhara. Visitors can explore the cave and see the natural stalactites and stalagmites.
  6. Seti River Gorge: This is a narrow gorge carved by the Seti River and is a popular spot for hiking and white-water rafting. Visitors can also take a dip in the natural pools formed by the river.
  7. Devi’s Fall: Also known as Patale Chango, this is a waterfall located about 2km southwest of Pokhara. It is believed that the goddess Devi (Parvati) went underground here, hence the name.
  8. Bindhyabasini Temple: This temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagwati and is the oldest temple in Pokhara. Visitors can see the beautiful carvings and architecture of the temple, and also get a glimpse of the traditional Newari culture.
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