Kalinchowk Bhagawati Tours

Kalinchowk Bhagawati is a popular Hindu temple located in the Kalinchowk area of Nepal. Dedicated to the goddess Bhagawati, an incarnation of Durga, the temple is considered one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites in the country. A visit to the temple is a must-have experience for those who are interested in the Hindu religion and culture, as well as those who are looking for a unique travel experience in the breathtaking Himalayas.

Kalinchowk Bhagawati tours offer a unique blend of spiritual, cultural and natural beauty experiences. The temple is surrounded by the breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges, providing visitors with panoramic views of the majestic peaks. The area is also home to traditional Nepalese villages and the Sherpa culture, which can be experienced during the tour.

A typical Kalinchowk Bhagawati tour starts with a drive from Kathmandu to the Kalinchowk area. The drive is a scenic one, passing through traditional Nepalese villages, forests and terraced fields. Visitors can stop at various viewpoints to enjoy the stunning views of the mountains and take pictures.

Upon arrival at Kalinchowk, visitors can take a short hike to the temple, which is located on a hill. The temple is a beautiful and peaceful place, and visitors can offer prayers and seek blessings from the goddess Bhagawati. The temple is particularly crowded during the annual Kalinchowk Bhagawati festival, when thousands of devotees flock to the temple to participate in traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Aside from visiting the temple, Kalinchowk Bhagawati tours also offer opportunities for trekking, camping, and other adventure activities in the surrounding areas. The area is a popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers, and offers various trails and routes for those who want to explore the Himalayas.

Overall, Kalinchowk Bhagawati tours offer a unique and unforgettable experience, combining spiritual, cultural and natural beauty. Whether you are a religious devotee or simply a traveler looking for a unique experience in the Himalayas, a visit to Kalinchowk Bhagawati is a must.

(One Night(1N/2D)Two Days Trip)
☛ Kalinchowk Bhagawati Mandir Darshan
☛ 4WD Off-Road Drive Experience
☛ Hiking for 1 to 2 hours/Cable car (Excluded), can b arranged upon request.(per person Rs.600/-)
☛ Landscape & Amazing Mountain View
☛ Snow activities (During Snowfall)
☛ Breathtaking Scenery
☛ Grounded Transportation.
☛ Hotel Rooms/Accommodation.
☛ Lunch(veg)*2, Dinner(N-veg) & Breakfast*1
☛ Campfire, Music, Dance.
✔️ Drinking Beverages.
✔️ Personal Expenses.
✔️ Travel Insurance.
➡ Economy Normal Package -: Rs. 3000/- Per Person 🚌 ( 25+ person minimum ) By Bus
➡ Premium Package -: Rs. 5000/- Per Person 🚘 ( 7 person minimum ) By Jeep
Booking 9866551703Bus / hiace / Scorpio Rental is also Available Call 9866551703

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