Bungmati Khokana day tour

Bungmati Khokana day tour is a cultural and historical tour that takes you to the ancient Newari village of Bungmati and Khokana. The tour starts in Kathmandu and takes you on a short drive to the southern outskirts of the city, where you will visit Bungmati, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its traditional Newari architecture and culture. You will have the opportunity to explore the village, visit local temples, and learn about the traditional Newari lifestyle.

Next, you will visit Khokana, another UNESCO World Heritage site and an ancient Newari village known for its traditional oil production. You will witness the traditional oil-making process, which is still done by hand using centuries-old methods. You will also have the opportunity to visit the local Rato Machhindranath Temple, which is one of the most important temples in the Kathmandu Valley.

After the tour, you will be driven back to Kathmandu, where you will have the rest of the day to explore the city or relax. This tour is a great way to experience the traditional culture and history of the Kathmandu Valley and is suitable for people of all ages.

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