Tilicho Peak

Tilicho Peak is a mountain peak located in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas in Nepal. It stands at an altitude of 7,134 meters (23,406 ft) and is considered to be a challenging climb for experienced mountaineers. The peak is located in the remote area of the Manang district and is considered to be one of the most difficult peaks to climb in Nepal.

The climbing route to the summit of Tilicho Peak requires technical climbing skills and equipment, such as crampons, ice axe, and ropes. The climb also requires proper acclimatization and physical preparation. Hiring a professional guide and porter is highly recommended.

The climbing season for Tilicho Peak is generally from September to November and March to May. Special permits are required to climb Tilicho Peak, which can be obtained in Kathmandu.

It is important to note that climbing high peaks like Tilicho Peak is a dangerous activity that requires proper planning, preparation, and execution. It’s important to check the weather conditions before attempting to climb and be aware of the risks involved.

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