Teej / Nepal Women’s Festival

Teej is a Hindu festival celebrated by women in Nepal, as well as in some parts of India. It falls in the month of Bhadra (August/September) and lasts for three days. The festival is celebrated to honor the goddess Parvati, who is believed to have taken 108 births to be with Lord Shiva.

During Teej, married women fast for the long life and prosperity of their husbands, while unmarried women fast to be blessed with good husbands. Women dress in red and green attire and adorn themselves with jewelry and henna. They sing and dance to traditional Teej songs and perform various rituals, including taking a holy bath, applying vermillion powder (sindoor) on their foreheads, and offering prayers to the goddess Parvati.

The first day of Teej is called Dar Khane Din, when women gather to feast on traditional Nepali food with their families and friends. The second day is called Fasting Day, when women fast from sunrise to moonrise, without drinking water. The third day is called Rishi Panchami, when women offer prayers to the Sapta Rishi (seven sages) and seek forgiveness for any sins committed.

Teej is a celebration of womanhood, sisterhood, and the bond between husband and wife. It is an opportunity for women to take a break from their daily routine, come together, and celebrate their culture and traditions. It is a colorful and vibrant festival that showcases the rich heritage and customs of Nepal.

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