Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake is a high altitude lake located in the Annapurna region of Nepal, at an altitude of around 4,919 meters. It is the highest lake in the world and is considered one of the most remote and off-the-beaten-path trekking destinations in Nepal. The lake is situated in the Manang district and is considered sacred by the local people, who believe that taking a bath in the lake can cure all diseases.

The Tilicho Lake trek is a challenging and strenuous trek that takes around 12-16 days to complete and starts from the village of Besishahar, in the Lamjung district. The trek takes trekkers through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Annapurna region, including lush forests, rocky trails, and high mountain passes. Along the way, trekkers will encounter different cultures and traditions, including the Tibetan-influenced Manang district, and will have the opportunity to explore traditional villages, monasteries, and temples.

The trek to Tilicho Lake is considered one of the most challenging treks in Nepal, and requires a good level of fitness, previous trekking experience, and proper acclimatization. It’s also important to note that the trek takes place at a high altitude and can be physically and mentally challenging, with long days of walking, steep climbs, and thin air.

The best time to trek to Tilicho Lake is from September to November, and from March to May, when the weather is most favorable, and the skies are usually clear, providing a stunning view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

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