Gokyo Lake

Gokyo Lake is a group of six freshwater lakes located in the Khumbu region of Nepal, in the Everest area. The lakes are situated at an altitude of around 5,000 meters and are surrounded by high peaks, including Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, and Lhotse. They are considered sacred by the local Sherpa people and are a popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers.

The Gokyo Lakes trek is a popular trek in the Everest region. It takes around 7-12 days to complete and offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, as well as the chance to explore the Gokyo valley and its lakes. The trek also offers an alternative to the traditional Everest Base Camp trek, with less crowds and more secluded and off the beaten path experiences.

The trek starts from Lukla and goes through the famous Namche Bazaar, the largest Sherpa village in the region and the Sherpa capital, before reaching the Gokyo valley and the lakes. Along the way, trekkers will encounter different landscapes, from lush forests to rocky trails, and will have the opportunity to explore traditional Sherpa villages, monasteries, and temples.

The best time to trek to Gokyo Lakes is from September to November, and from March to May, when the weather is most favorable, and the skies are usually clear, providing a stunning view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

It’s important to note that the trek to Gokyo lakes is quite strenuous, and requires a good level of fitness and previous trekking experience. It’s also important to take altitude sickness seriously, as the trek takes place at a high altitude, and proper acclimatization is essential.

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