Jalbire Canyoning in Nepal

What is canyoning?

Canyoning is an adventure sport that includes rappelling down from a waterfall to get to difficult to reach natural spots by following the water route. It is an amusement sport that is excellent for those who adore waterfalls, gut agonizing expeditions and wild excitement. Canyoning has become a famous sport in Nepal thanks to the lot of original waterfalls found here. Jalbire Canyoning is significantly popular amidst locals and domestic visitors. A huge number of tourists also come to Jalbire to experience the reviving waterfall during the summer days.


Overview of Jalbire Canyoning in Nepal

Jalbire Canyoning in Nepal includes walking, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming. This is a rappelling by the support of a guide using rope with the waterfalls, canyons to deep pools beneath. The well experienced guide will set all things in advance and guide the other individuals. Nepal provides an expedition filled with thrilling Canyoning. Jalbire Jharana is one of the famous canyons in Nepal that is situated in between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Our professional canyoning guides will direct the clients in abseiling, jumping and sliding down vertical canyon walls and waterfalls to deep pools beneath. It’s wet and wild and clients will have a great time Canyoning in Nepal.

There are a lot of canyoning locations in Nepal. We advise one of the best ones in Jalbire (in between Kathmandu and Pokhara). Prior to canyoning, our guide will provide the client’s individual safety instruction and regarding the canyons. They will utilize safety tools (harness, figure 8, karabiner, helmet, wet suit, special shoes, pad and safety jacket). The weather is on the other hand a significant part of safety. Canyoneer will have basic weather knowledge prior to departure. Furthermore, at the time descending down, canyoneer and their guide will provide an eye if any monkey and other animal are not jumping or running across the rock. Canyons can be very simple or exceedingly challenging, even though highlight in the sport is normally on aesthetics and fun instead than pure challenging. A broad variety of canyoning tours are found all over the globe and canyoning is experienced by individuals of all ages and capability levels.

Nepal has been suggested as the finest location for canyoning by The Lonely Planet. In Nepal any levels of canyoning are accessible varying from easy walk to intense. Appropriate for people of all ages, canyoning provides exciting experiences and revives the mind. In Nepal there are some demanding and more technical canyonings which comprise the phase such as jumps and abseiling. Freshly commenced canyon in Jalbire (Lamo Jharana) Chitwan is perfect place for the rock climbers and canyoning fanatics, who can experience nature and also challenge themselves. Navigating tracks together with waterfalls and attractive pools, canyoneer also experience sliding, jumping and diving also. Jalbire canyoning is a fun, exciting sport which will add a ton of enthusiasm. Situated just above the Trisuli River, Jalbire Canyoning captivates a lot of adventure fanatics.

Jalbire is 100 km far from Kathmandu; it can be done in a single day. Jalbire Canyoning can be done at the time rafting in Trishuli, Maryandi and Seti rivers on the other hand can be joined with Zipline in River Fun, and Pokhara or Chitwan National Park trips. The company lekbesi.com has been arranging Jalbire Canyoning for many years by very expert guides and international safety instructions. After meeting up in Kathmandu we take luxurious drive for 4-4 hours via Prithivi Highway at the side of the Pristine Trisuli River. After arriving at Jalbire, guides will provide guidelines regarding safety initiatives to the canyoneer and give them important equipment. They will spend 3-4 hours rappelling/abseiling down the waterfall, rope rigging, sliding down, rock climbing and swimming in a crystalline canyon pool.

Highlights of Jalbire Canyoning in Nepal

  • Experience Canyoning in virgin Waterfalls
  • Experience a series of waterfalls, rock climbing, mountaineering, rappelling and diving in one location.
  • Experience the magnificent original forest scenery
  • Drive by amazing natural views alongside of Trisuli River
  • Jalbire a canyoning location is also called as Lamo Jharana

Jalbire is around 100 km from Kathmandu. It will take around 4 hours from Kathmandu with a private car/jeep. This is just close by the Trisuli River and next to the road. Walk around 45m and arrive at the beginning point. Canyoning would be around 4 hours involving hiking, rappelling down and lunch. After lunch they canyoneer can drive to their next location or drive back to Kathmandu. There are about 10 falls and 3 are significant portions of 25m falls.

The best time for canyoning is October to April. May is already the pre monsoon season in Nepal, they must check the weather status and June to September is a rainy season in Nepal. Canyoneer will have an increased volume of water that might not be as simple as in other months. After completion of the enjoyment-filled canyoning, canyoneer can change the cloth and have lunch and drive to their onward location.

Canyoning is an expedition sport that is fun filled and completely risky. Canyoneer is recommended to wear appropriate equipment for safety and pleasure. Our lekbesi.com provides technical tools involving rope, figure 8, Karabinner, helmet, wetsuit, special shoes, pad and safety jacket. They have to bring their own change of clothes with them.

Bread, butter, egg, salad, apple, banana, juice, cheese, baked beans, tune etc.

Note: Canyoneer will have a completely competent and technically knowledgeable guide with English command.

Best season:
Spring and autumn and the best time in comparison with the rainy season and winter are not regarded best.

Canyoneer will require a 25% advance payment to make booking and full payment must be down prior to the day tour start.

Who can do?
A physically fit person can do canyoning.

Jalbire Canyoning in Nepal: Thrilling new expedition begins.

Canyoning in Nepal has different options appropriate for individuals of all age groups, from easy walks to difficult jumps and rappels. Bringing residents to various secret and thrilling canyons, like Lwang Ghalel canyoning, experiencing intense and exotic canyoning on the other hand simple ones are all likely to be done here in Nepal. If any canyoneer is seeking for an exciting expedition which allows them to explore the secret gems of Nepal. Jalbire Canyoning is the place to be. Cuddled in the middle of the amazing mountain ranges, Jalbire is an awe-inspiring place which provides a thrilling experience appropriate for adventurers of all levels.

Jalbire Canyoning, safety is a top priority. Knowing that canyoneer is willing to have fun and experience the expedition, with top-notch safety all over the tour, extremely trained and qualified guides who are professionals in canyon resume methods and first aid provided here.

Prior to beginning the adventure, the canyoneer will receive a complete safety instructions and gears tutorial. The guides will instruct the procedure to use the important tools, like harnesses and helmets, so everybody is comfortable and self-assured at the time of the tour. All over the adventure, the guides will support and assure that everybody is safe and having a good time. The safety here in Jalbire Canyoning is undoubted, and they are given through all the important tools and a trained guide at the time of client’s canyoning.

Events at the time of Jalbire Canyoning involve:

Abseiling: Abseiling includes descending the canyon walls with the usage of harness and rope method, offering an exciting experience of overcoming steep drops and maneuvering by narrow passages.

Waterfall Jumping: Waterfall jumping allows canyoneer leap into the clear waters of Jalbire River from differing elevations, making an exciting adrenaline rush as they jump into the unknown.

Waterslides: Waterslides, carved originally into the limestone structures, take them on a tour down smooth, wet rocks into reviving pools beneath, allowing them to glide together with the current.

Swimming and Wading: Canyoneer can also experience swimming and wading by the canyon’s waterways, taking a dip in crystalline pools, and wading by superficial river parts.

Other information about Canyoning in Jalbire (The Lamo Jharana), Chitwan

It won’t be wrong to say that Jalbire or “the Lamo Jharana” is the finest and most favored canyoning location in Nepal. The Jalbire canyoning is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will let canyoneer to witness the stunning waterfalls, rock slides, and the jumping rocks. The Jalbire is also considered as the “best attraction” in Nepal by a lot of travelers. There are nearly 5 waterfalls through an altitude of 40-50 meters. Relying on the climate, canyoning can be done in all these waterfalls. But, the capability of water in the waterfalls must be known closely.

Jalbire lies on the way to Narayanghat from Kathmandu. It is 100 km far from the capital city of Nepal; Kathmandu. A road journey of around 2 – 3 hours from Kathmandu city. There is a notice board on the road after the canyoneer get off the bus. Now they are required to walk around 95 meters to arrive at Lamo Jharana. It will take them no more than 20 minutes. Jalbire Canyon is the most famous canyoning location in Nepal because of its boundless beauty and great canyoning prospects.

Hiking up the canyon and rappelling down the waterfall normally takes about 3 to 4 hours relying upon the group size. View of an enormous waterfall, standing in its falling water, playing in its original pool, rock slides and stunning view at the time of rappelling down are some of its key elements. It is appropriate for individuals of all age groups. Jalbire Canyoning is situated halfway between Kathmandu and Pokhara, on the way to Chitwan. It can also be joined with white water rafting or kayaking in Trishuli and jungle safari in Chitwan National Park.

Things required for canyoning

Canyoneer will need the following equipment at the time of canyoning. They are recommended to carry them together with them:

  • Sunglasses and Sun block cream
  • Closed shoes( sports shoes, canyoning shoes, or Keens)
  • Fitting clothes to wear under the wetsuits
  • Clothes for change
  • Some extra money for snacks or anything extras
  • A water bottle

Preparing for the Canyoning Tour

Even Though canyoning is fun and filled with excitement, possibilities of accidents still exist. The increased water flow/hydraulics, flash floods, Hypothermia and Hyperthermia, Being lost, and Rock fall are some of the risks linked with the adventurous sport of canyoning. Safety instructions by the guides should be carefully followed by every single person who takes part in the event.

  • Flexible garments that fits the canyoneer’s body
  • Canyoneer is not to wear any jewelry for safety
  • Canyoneer is to tie their hair and make ponytail back to the head if they have a long hair for safety
  • Canyoneer is to tie their hair in a ponytail back to the head if they have a long hair for safety

Are special skills required for canyoning?

With canyoning, one will require to understand mountain climbing, be a vigorous climber, own perfect capabilities with diving and swimming, trekking, and obviously, canyoneer’s way around the unanticipated canyon challenges. Added it all together, and they have the sport of canyoning.

What is required to go for canyoning?

Numerous components from every sport combine them together. Those components are wetsuits, climbing tools, harness, ropes, waterproof bags for clothes, food, and water plus equipment, etc. canyoneer is to be assured to check what compulsory tools are required prior to heading out on their tour to canyoning.

Their tools are of significant importance. Initially, they must decide the canyon and location of the plan to challenge. Once determined, they will understand what tools are required for this tour. All things are determined by the water. Water level, time of year, season, the rainfall accumulation, the canyons water level, and all the information will provide them the amount of time allowed at the time of walkthrough.

Jalbire Canyoning Additional Information

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