Porter Guide in Nepal – Hiring From Kathmandu (Lukla Everest Region Namche Bazaar ) From Pokhara

Guide Porter Service in Nepal

 Porter Guide in Nepal is something one has to select a quality one in quantity. A number of guides and porters are there in Nepal since the tours and trek companies are also deviating in accordance to a certain period of time. There are several things which one must check prior to selecting the best guide and porters for them since the travelers can get the one designated or suggested at the time joining their respective trekking and tour company. Lately, the authority has proclaimed that “no longer trek without Guide in Nepal after 1st April-2023, the new plan will generate more employment of the employees in the tours and trek industry in Nepal and demoralize qualified trekking operations in the nation. 

In accordance to the trekking durations and the events form, the cost charge also varies the travelers at the time hiring porters and guides. The porters will carry the baggage and valuable stuff without saying exhausted the entire day all over the tour. But described guides are all certified and competent through their several trekking tours all over half of their life. There are a lot of guides who have devoted their lives guiding tourists from in and out of the nation. 

If the trekkers or motorbike riders are planning to trek in Nepal or any kinds of tours, the one must be considering a porter guide. But what really does the porter guides do, and how can it improve the trekking witnessing? Porters are a very significant segment of the agency’s services. Porters in Nepal consistently come from draw backed communities and depend on this work as an origin for wage, making it a significant means of economic enhancement of these communities. Lekbesi Motorbike Tours Nepal provides sufficient training, tools, meals and safeguarding, and pays them a good salary for their work. The company provides services at all trekking seasons and the company’s guide can speak English and can handle all the essential prospects at the time of the trek. 

If the clients are planning to trek through this company, here are few prospects to take note at the time working with a porter:

Speak clearly: The clients are to be assured to speak or communicate clearly with their porter regarding what they require them to carry and what clients expect from their works. This will assure that both the client and trekkers and porters are on the same track, and will assist prevent any misinterpretations or miscommunications at the time of the trek. 


Respect the porter’s capabilities: Porters are skilled and experienced experts, and they are trained to carry heavy loads across lengthy distances. Hence, it is significant to respect their physical restraints and not overload them through more load than they can protectively manage. 


Offer sufficient food and shelter: Porters must be offered with sufficient food and shelter at the time of trek, and the clients must be assured that they have entrance to clean water and appropriate medical facility if required. This will assure that the porter can conduct their jobs to the finest of their capability, and will also assist prevent any health problems which could begin. 


Be humble: Porters are there to help the clients or trekkers or motor bikers, so clients are to be assured to be treated with respect and gratefulness for their hard work. This indicates being tolerant, understanding, and attentive, and making an attempt to know the client’s porter and know about their life and culture. 

Working with porters in Nepal can be a gratifying and enlightening experience for both the trekker. 


Hiring / Price of Poterguide in Nepal 

The porter price is 25 $ per day. (Porter price can be varied on the basis on Trekking regions/Usual and Adventure)

The guide cost is 30 $ per day. (Guide price can be varied on the basis on Trekking regions/Usual and Adventure)

The Porterguide price is 35$ per day. (Porter Guide price can be varied the basis on Trekking regions/Usual and Adventure)

The Porter Guide’s Insurance price is 30$ and service charge  (The agencies offer Porter Guide in Nepal through only Trekking Insurance and in the situation of an accident the agencies will rescue. Protection and security is the agency’s first priority).


Note: The client’s porter and Guide Insurance/Transport are not involved in this cost (such as bus ticket/air tickets). 

What is included in the Cost for Porter & Guide in Nepal?

-Trekking Nepali Guide salary.

-Porter’s salary.

-Porter guide salary.

-Porter and Nepali guide insurance.

-Porter and Guide equipment provided by the Agency.

– NTC, NCL network Mobile for an emergency provided by the Agency.

What’s the weight limit to carry Porter and Porter guide your Luggage?

30 Kg maximum porter carries.

-porter Guide carries maximum 15 Kg

The Lebesi Motorbike Tours Nepal agency’s Porter Guide is flexible, convenient, very supportive, friendly and delightful to work with the client as Porter Guide in Nepal. They will assist the clients with happiness at the time of the trek. This agency’s Porter Guide is very experienced and well-informed. The agency’s porter Guide price relies upon their experience and adventure Passes. 

For the usual trek the agency will cost inexpensive and for the high passes it will cost quite more to the trekkers. Porter will carry around 30 kg and Porter Guide will carry around 15 kg only. The option is on the hands of the clients in regards to their requirement. The agency will provide according to the requirements in Nepal. 

Lukla to Namche Bazaar 

Both Lukla and Namche Bazaar are significant stops on the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek, and also a lot of other treks in the Everest region. Even though the two towns are only 8 miles (13 kilometers) aside from, in the Himalayan terrain of the region, this number does not precisely reflect the tour within them. 


On foot 

Length: 2 days of trekking 

At the time of the trek from Lukla to Namche Bazaar can be done in one long day, it’s much more convenient and common to circulate it over two. Most trekkers come to Lukla from Kathmandu on a morning flight and begin their trek directly after. The trail is steadily high altitude, and follows the Dudh Kosi River for much of the way. The first night of the EBC trek is consistently spent in Phakding. 

On day two, trek from Phaking to Namche Bazaar. This is quite a demanding walk, as the incline is vertical. But, highlights involve the high Hillary Suspension Bridge, and first glance of Everest from evacuating in the forested trail. Namche is a common location to rest for a full day for assisting through acclimatization, and there are a few prospects to view and do in the town. 


Namche Bazaar trek 

Namche Bazaar is the doorway of Mt Everest and also the hub of the Everest (Khumbu region). Namche Bazaar Trek directs the trekkers to visit this crowded Sherpa Market through the landscapes of Mt Everest and its neighboring towering mountains. This trek is proportionately short but still, it provides a pleasant trekking experience in the Everest region. Namche Bazaar Trek can be done year-round even though the months of March to mid-May and September to mid-December are the best times for trekking. 

It is appropriate for trekkers though moderate physical fitness. Age is not a limitation either, all the trekkers required is positivity and keenness. This trek has nearly none of the altitude sickness. In this trek, the trekkers will hike by and of the legendary Sherpa community, a place the trekkers can experience the different culture, traditions, and ages old heritage of the Sherpa people. The trekkers can submerge themselves in the stunning mountain landscape and amazing view and experience the glorious and ever-captivating Mountain ranges. The trekker will start the Namche Bazaar trek after a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Upon landing at the Lukla airport, the glamorous Everest region begins stunning the client. The trekkers have a different experience as they trek going by the prayer stones carved with Buddhist mantras and suspension bridges decorated with prayer flags. As the trekkers pass through gorges and fast flowing Dudh Koshi River they can interact through the warm welcoming local residents of traditionally rich villages like Chheplung, Phakding, Burning, Benkar, and many others. Then the trekkers reach the check post of Sagarmatha National Park. Furthermore, the trekkers will pass by a high suspension bridge over the glorious Dudh Koshi River and follow a vertical trail for one hour to reach Namche Bazaar. 

As the trekkers higher from Namche, they experience the attractive view of Mt Everest, beautiful Ama Dablam, beautiful Lhotse and Nuptse, and other mountain peaks, and also exceptional attractiveness ingrained in the dramatic peaks and deep valleys. In Khumjung, the Sherpa village, at Khumjung Monastery they can view the scalp of Yeti, a legendary Himalayan creature, and also witness the way of living of Sherpa people. After visiting Namche Bazaar, the trekkers return to Lukla by the scenic trail and fly back to Kathmandu to accomplish this short and simple Namche Bazaar Trek. 

Best Treks from Pokhara 2023

As soon as the trekkers arrive in Pokhara, the beautiful peaks will lure the trekker higher and higher so they might witness the thin air. It doesn’t allude that they must go for many days for viewing the peaks, but they also cannot stop to be close to them. They must have been contemplating trekking in Nepal but weren’t sure where or how. As all of the treks are famous options amidst travelers, nearly all travel blogs and individuals suggest them. 

There are many other treks which have just begun leaving Pokhara. Most of the recommended trekking trails itinerary can be designed according to the duration of the client’s vacations. Even in commercial trekking trails, there are some different parts which are hidden and trekkers are not known for that. Lekbesi Motorbikes Tours Nepal is flexible on Tour departure dates and also through experienced culture mountain guides will direct the tour. 


Things to do and view in Pokhara

Trekkers are not to waste time seeking for the similar tours here and there certainly, the cost will be varied but have they thought about the quality of service?

The transparent thing is, they will acquire what they paid for… Cost matters through guides’ experience, their languages, food, lodgings, and information. On inexpensive tours, the clients will be walking through a porter whose language will be better compared to the client’s Nepali language. The adventure town Pokhara provides a lot of famous trekking routes like Ghorepani Poon hill, Mardi Himal, Khopra Danda, Dhampus village, and Annapurna Base Camp. 


Annapurna Region Short Treks 2023, 2024

Lot of people is not known with the Annapurna region treks but all the trekking tours that have been recommended above in Annapurna Region. Pokhara is the beginning point or we can say after reaching Pokhara from Kathmandu, Chitwan or from any place then they start their trek to Annapurna.  

if you need a Trekking guide and porter or Jeep from Kathmandu, Pokhara,  Namche Bajar. Lukla, Besisahar then contact whatsapp +977 9866551703

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