Nwaran Puja

Nwaran Puja is a Hindu ritual performed to appease the nine planetary gods or the “Navagrahas” in Hindu astrology. The Navagrahas are believed to have a significant influence on an individual’s life, and negative planetary positions or afflictions can lead to problems such as health issues, financial difficulties, and relationship problems.

Nawaran Puja

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Nwaran Puja is performed to counteract the negative effects of such afflictions and to bring peace and harmony to an individual’s life. During the puja, offerings are made to each of the nine planetary gods and various rituals and prayers are performed to appease them. The puja can be performed by an individual or with the help of a Hindu priest.

The specific rituals performed during a Nwaran Puja can vary, but typically include offerings of flowers, fruits, and grains to the planets, recitation of mantras, and the lighting of lamps. The puja is often performed on auspicious days or during significant astrological events, such as the transit of a planet.

It’s important to keep in mind that Nwaran Puja is just one aspect of Hindu astrology and that its effects can be augmented by other positive actions, such as leading a virtuous life, doing good deeds, and seeking the blessings of the divine.

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